Kuta Beach, Lombok

Kuta beach Lombok is different from Bali Kuta beach. white sand and natural grain of pepper integrated with serenity atmosphere. not many people know that in the south of the island of Lombok are beautiful beaches. About its beauty is also not in doubt, with the same beautiful Kuta Beach in Bali. Even the so-called Lombok Kuta Beach is more beautiful and comfortable because it has not been touched by excessive exploration. Besides cleanliness Lombok Kuta Beach is still well preserved, so that the visitors feel more comfortable.

  Scenery presented in Lombok Kuta Beach is a white sand beach that is wide enough. Conditions sand beaches clean with fresh air that makes tourists reluctant to move from the coast. In addition to just sit back on the beach enjoying the view, you can also do a variety of interesting activities. For example, swimming in the sea water is very clear, or sunbathing on the white sand along the shores of Kuta.


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